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Solid wooden flooring in Oak and Ash


A solid wooden floor represents the most natural of all floors. The wood is cut in one single piece without joints, glue or other materials – as the name suggests; a result of nature’s perfection.

It’s manufactured using only the best traditional craftsmanship techniques and is characterized by lasting for generations. It’s ideal for use in public spaces and for use with floor heating. Simply put an all natural product which can be renovated and reused.



Oak is a symbol for eternity and life, and rightly so. Oak can grow to be very old (700 years and older) and is, by nature, a very resistant tree. Oak is, like ash, Douglas fir and pine trees, a ‘light tree’ which means that it allows plenty of light to shine through to the undergrowth, giving ideal conditions for the next generations of trees.

By getting a solid oak floor you acquire a wooden floor which is almost impossible to wear out for the benefit of future generations and a floor that is highly sustainable.

We manufacture treated and untreated oak plank flooring in different sorts and dimensions of smoked oak (Choko Wood) and in thermo oak (Burned Wood).



Ash trees are tall and slender trees which can turn several hundred years. Ash trees are like oak a ‘light tree’.

By getting a solid ash floor you acquire a wooden floor with unique structures made up by beautiful light and dark colors acting as contrasts to one another.

We manufacture treated and untreated ash plank flooring in different sorts and dimensions in thermo ash (Burned Wood).


Additional woods

Vica Wood also manufactures plank flooring in walnut, Douglas fir and pine.

Product dimensions

Thickness: 15/20/28 mm

Width: 130-300 mm

Length: 600-4000 mm


Other dimensions are available as well.



The coated planks by Vica Wood are delivered finished with natural oils/waxes from OSMO Holz und Color GmbH and with Antiscratch Lacquer from Frederich KLUMPP GmbH.

The wooden surfaces are offered to be completed in natural transparent oils and lacquers, pigmented with a matte or more glossy shine.

With OSMO hard wax oils in transparent or colored surfaces you get a floor with a surface that is environmentally friendly, durable and easy to maintain. We have used OSMO hard wax oils with great success and OSMO today is a well known and recognized worldwide brand known for its quality.




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