Castle plank


Exclusive castle planks in extra wide dimensions in oak and ash


Ideal planks that are durable and beautiful as a solid wood floor and stable as a slat built floor. It’s manufactured using only the best traditional craftsmanship techniques, built up using only the best raw materials with solid top layer with a thickness of 6 mm with a waterproof cross-grained birch plywood base.

Ideal for use along with floor heating – it can be sanded down many times.

We manufacture surface treated and untreated castle planks in different sorts and dimensions.

Product dimensions







Extra wide and long planks (20×250-300mmm x 1000-5000 mm) can be manufactured if ordered.



Vica Wood’s treated planks are manufactured with natural oils/waxes from OSMO Holz und Color GmbH and with Antiscratch Lacquer from Frederich KLUMPP GmbH.

Different surfaces are available in natural transparent colors, colored and from matte to a shiny glossy sheen.

With OSMO hard wax oils in transparent or colored surfaces you acquire a floor with a surface that is environmentally friendly, highly durable and easy to maintain. We have use OSMO hard wax oils with great success and OSMO is, today, a well known brand, renowned for its quality.



Engineered castle plank with a lock system?

 As a new feature in our line of products we now have a engineered castle plank constructed with a lock system.

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