Engineered castle plank  

Floating floors

Real craftsmanship, extra wide engineered planks with a lock system made using the right crafting traditions since 1967. Available in: oak, ash, pine, Douglas fir and walnut. Castle planks, with Rapploc generation 5 click systems, are constructed in 3 layers that secure a high sustainability in use as floating floors. Top layer from 3.8 – 5.0 mm in solid hardwood.

The planks are manufactured in different dimension, woods and sorts and with a great variety of surfaces.

Product dimensions


14 x 205 x 2000/3000 mm

22 x 205 x 2000/3000 mm

22 x 300 x 2000/3000 mm



Our engineered built castle planks are manufactured with oxidizing oils, OSMO hard wax oils and lacquers. They are available with natural transparent surfaces and also colored, stained and pigmented shades.


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